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Kizuna Chiang mai International Badminton Sawasdee Cup 2024

1.  Main Organizer : Tourism Authority of Thailand. And F.Y.C. Badminton Club Thailand

2.  Event Organizer : F.Y.C. Badminton Club. Thailand

3. Sponsor by : The Tourism Authority of Thailand.

4.  Public Relations :

5.  Competition date : : 22 -24  November 2024

6.  Event venue : Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre

7.  Competition list: Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed

doubles, Couples.

8.  Age criteria : (For example: Those who were born in 1974 equals 50 of age)

8.1. for “Amateurs”

(1) Early adults in between 20 – 39 (20 – 24, 25 – 29, 30 – 34, 35 – 39)

(2) Middle adults in between 40 – 59 (40 – 44, 45 – 49, 50 – 54, 55 – 59)

(3) Seniors in between 60 – 79 (60 – 64, 65 – 69, 70 – 74, 75 – 79 80 – 84, More than 85)

(4) Total age: Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed doubles.

(5) Total of 100 (Both competitors must be more than 40 of age) born in 1984

(6) Total of 110 (Both competitors must be more than 45 of age) born in 1979

(7) Total of 120 (Both competitors must be more than 50 of age) born in 1974

(8) Total of 130 (Both competitors must be more than 55 of age) born in 1969

(9) Total of 140 (Both competitors must be more than 60 of age) born in 1964

(10) Total of 150 (Both competitors must be more than 65 of age) born in 1959

(11) 3×3 total age of 200 (2 male 1 female)

**Competitors must be at least 60 of age**

3×3 total age of 220 (2 male 1 female)

**Competitors must be at least 70 of age**

● For couples competitor must have marriage certificate when registering

● If the competitors’ age were lower for doubles, the competitors would be move to lower criteria

8.2 Professional Event.

8.2.a Professional Event younger than 34 years (Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed doubles)

8.2.b   Professional Event  35 + ( Men’s singles, Men’s doubles, Mixed doubles)

8.2.c Players cannot play twice ( 1 team notmore than 5male player and 2 females player )

        ( Professional team event )

Compete for a prize (Only for competitors that compete in “professional catergories”)

10,000 Baht for the first place

5,000 Baht for the second place

2,500 Baht for third and fourth place (Prize for doubles will be 2,500 baht)

8.2.d  Professional team event consist of 3 points

1) Men’s singles , 2) Men’s Double, 3) Mixed doubles Total of 3 points

Prize: 80,000 Baht for first place, 40,000 Baht for second place

9. Requirement for registration

1) Competitors must be healthy and a verifiable proof, Passport, ID card

2) Competitors can compete for a maximum of 2 criteria. Excluding triple team and professional team competition.

Disqualify instantly if found outlater that competitors join more than 2 lists (Registration fee won’t be refunded)

3) Every competitor can join in “Professional ” competition

4) For “Amateurs”, we prohibit former national team and junior national team athletes . take part in the competition (Former male national team athletes aged over 45 and former female national team athletes aged over 40 can compete in “Amateur”) If there is a protest, the protesters must bring evidence to confirm at the referee’s table 30 minutes before the match. The competition department will decide and judge immediately (Registration fee won’t be refunded)

5) All competitors are prohibited from compete in the same age criteria included total age (Example: competitors who play in men double 45-49 can not play in 50-54 yrs old or player men double 100 yrs old can not play in 110 yrs old

6) If the competitors got into any accidents that are not in the contracts, the competition department will not be responsible for any expenses.

7) If there are conflicts, the decisions of the referee will be final.

     9.1 Excluding triple team and professional team competition.

10.  Competition rules

1) Age criterias will have a 5 years gap

2) For “Amateurs” there will be: Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed doubles, Couples (using husband age as a basis)

3) The Rally Point System: points will not be over 31. If the points are 30 – 30, the first to reach 31 wins, no deuce . Change sides when the leading point is 16.

4) Both teams have to agree on changing the shuttlecock, or by the referee’s judgment.

5) The competitors will be disqualified if they show up after the appointment time 15 or more minutes late. The competitors have the rights to have a 15 minute break.

6) This event does not have a prize-giving ceremony, 1-3 place winners must report at the registration table within 15 minutes after the match.

7) In a round-robin group competition, if the number of games won are the same, the score will be counted, then followed up by the runner-up respectively.

11. Kizuna F 666 shuttlecock Speed 3 will be used in this event

12. The will change accordingly for 1-3 place winners if any criteria have less than 7 appliances. Will be adjusted to suitability.

13.  Registration

1) Registration span is between 1 August – 13 October. 2024  Fill in the registration form at automatic.system.


(Contact 090-984-8491 (Ome) if any problem occurred)

2)  The list can be checked and fixed on 14-20 October 2024.  At the website


3) Competition schedule could not be fixed until the competition department meeting day.

4)  One player registration fees 30 usd play or 1000 baht for two categories, free souvenir shirt include.

5) Dinner party only for foreign competitors, entry fee will be 30 USD or 1,000 THB per person       

6) registrations fee for team professional event 30 usd or 1000 baht

6.1 The application fee for 3×3 teams is 1,000 baht per team.

7) Pickup service between hotel and venue (for Official Hotel guests only).

8)  Team leaders and instructors meeting will take place on 21 November 2024   16.00 at Kantary Hills Hotel, Chiang Mai  Official Hotel

9) Farewell party and closing ceremony for competitors will take place on 24 November 2024, the

competitors who is interested can sign up and pay entry fee on team leaders and instructors meeting

day or the day competition takes place. At U Nimman Chiang Mai Hotel

14.  Each competitors is responsible for their own travel fee, food, accommodation, and medical


15  Referee’s decision is final

16.  Send your information to, or require more information at

PR : 218 Soi Chan 43 (right side) Thanon Chan, Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120

Telephone number : 02-212-4112 ext. 110, 02-674-7615,

+66 90 984 8491, ( Pramote )

+66 92 495 6524,

+86 134 71036646 (Ms. Li Huaxing : china ) 

E-mail :


17. Other :

1) For those who did not receive an invitation, please look it up from the website.

2) The competitors will be disqualified if they show up after the appointment time 15 or more minutes late.

18.Registration through website: www.

Thai players and other countries. Pay in Thai bank.

Payment methods within Thailand:

Beneficiary Name : FYC CLUB

Bank Name : Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (Si Phraya Branch)

Bank Account No. : 170-0-62367-9


Please send entry fee proof to or fax: 02- 674-9774

Check your registered information at www. or 02-674-7615, 02-212-4112 ext. 110

We recommend every competitor and team managers to follow the FB page: FB Kizuna Chiang mai  International Badminton Sawasdee Cup 2024  “for updates, news and match live streaming.